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Hyperalarm – Brand & Art Direction


Brand and communication for Hyperalarm, a project by Think Big Factory.

Hyperlarm is a smart alarm clock for heavy sleepers. It combines sound and motion, waking you up with an intense sound and getting you moving using Bluetooth technology. That’s right, with the Hyper mode activated, the only way to shut off Hyperalarm is by getting out of bed and walking out of the room. It works seamlessly with your smartphone.


Our team:

Director: Ion Cuervas-Mons, CEO at Think Big Factory

Head of Design: Rocío Ballesteros

Product Design: Lucas Ortíz Estefanell

Sound: Jose María Ciria

Web and app design: Rocío Ballesteros and Fernando Roldán

Photo and video: Fernando Roldán

Developers: Chema Del Corral y Adolfo Ramírez 


Special thanks to Ana Agustín